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Motivation To Tomorrow's Budding Engineers For Conducting Research And Excel In Their Professional Career

Webinar on 10-06-2021

This webinar gave very good motivation to our students in the field of conducting research and excel in their professional career. Mr. Avadhani sir explained the three key terms why, what and how to develop research curiosity. He explained about Education, qualification, Knowledge, skill and experience and three stages of learning. He has explained about determination and positive thinking. He has explained the processing reasoning power, Developing the common sense, analytical skill, and presence of mind. He has explained the difference between innovation and discovery.

Interactive Session With Siddarth Babu

Webinar on 15.05.2021

This webinar gave very good motivation to our students to achieve success in life and excel in their professional career. Mr. Siddharth babu sir explained his complete journey of life.He has explained how people get disturbed and lose their career for simple reasons. He explained how we can be determined, focused and pay attention towards one’s goals. He has explained about determination and positive thinking. He further explained about creative and Innovative thinking with examples.

Introduction To Academic Research And Student Innovation

Webinar on 28-05-2021

This webinar gave exposure to students about basic knowledge in the emerging field area on the facilities available in their research centre. He has explained the centrifugal pump with service level indicator and fundamental studies of cake formation. He has explained Design and Development and build of an over molded filter. He has explained many research projects which are completed in their research lab. Students and faculty interacted with the speaker and asked so many queries regarding the methodology, machines used and materials required to proceed with innovative projects which are completed in their research centre.


The Central Instrumentation Facility of Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering houses a vast range of higher-end appliances for propelling the limitations of research in science and technology to an outstanding level. These appliances and facilities help the faculties, research scholars and students to accomplish globally recreational research in basic, applied and medical sciences.

The Centre for Research also strives for extension of the facilities each year giving rise to it a core facility in the country. By appreciating CIF we foresee a distinguished hub for initiating and collective logical research in our country. CIF runs under the purview of the Division of Research and Development of the university and is required to be self-serving by revenue generation for the upcoming and sustenance of the appliances.



NIELIT Delhi centre has been a Cisco Networking Local academy since 2010. The Academy trains the students for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification, which is the industry's most respected certification for IT Professionals.

CCNA Certification

The Cisco CCNA® curriculum includes four separate modules. These modules cover the learning objectives of the CCNA certification exam, which is the first step in a Cisco career-certification path. The curriculum emphasizes the use of decision-making and problem solving techniques to resolve networking issues.

About Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation
APSSDC Objective:

To Implement a structured and pragmatic solution to skill and up skill the workforce in the state of Andhra Pradesh and to increase employability, and promote entrepreneurship in sync with Industrial growth of the State.

E-Yantra Robtics Lab:

E-Yantra Project is an initiative by IIT Bombay that aims to create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to help provide practical solutions to some of the real world problems. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) sponsors E-Yantra under the National Mission for ICT in Education (NMEICT) program.We have taken an initiative to setup e-Yantra Robotics Lab under e-Yantra Lab Set-up Initiative (eLSI) by IIT Bombay. SBPCOE e-Yantra Robotics Lab trains the students in embedded systems and microcontroller programming by engaging them through the Project Based Learning (PBL) model.


SVCE Faculty received their doctor of philosophy from different universities for their excellency in various Engineering Disciplines.


Waste plastic into fuel conversion:

  • Plastics Pyrolysis system constructed.
  • Diesel for Engine use is produced.
  • Registered in ISSRD Conference.

Smart Solar Tree

  • Easily installed in any location.
  • Power generated can be used for multipurpose.
  • More suitable for villages and household.
  • Adaptable model.
  • Low cost design.
  • Received 2nd Best Project award in State level Technical fest MohanMantra-2020 .

Bionic Arm

  • It is affordable for everyone who suffers with the deficiency.
  • Low cost model.
  • Best model to replace existing system.
  • Selected for International Conference at Mumbai .

Smart Tank Cleaning Robot

  • Its easily adaptable in individual houses as well as apartment tanks
  • Compact & Robust model.
  • Low cost design
  • Project has been demonstrated in National level Hackathon conducted at Bhopal.

Automatic Plcking Machine for Root Crops

  • Easily adapted by farmers.
  • We can use it as a multipurpose application .
  • Robust design.
  • Low cost model.
  • Received Best Project design in.
  • Dassault System Online design competetion-2020.

Smart Saline System

  • This system acts as a bridge between patient and doctor.
  • Easily adaptable in hospitals .
  • S3 performs monitoring for saline given to patients.
  • It avoids the faulty monitoring of patients.
  • Low cost model.
  • Received Best consolation Project in State level Technical fest AMPLE-2020 .


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