Campus Life


The library has been the most integral part of the college from its existence. The library supports the campus' academic pursuits, providing resources and staff to guide constituents in the complex process of discovery and effective use of informative materials. The library also facilitates important conversations on scholarly communication, copyright, research, teaching, and learning in higher education, shaping the future of academic scholarship.

It has a seating capacity of 300. The library has a huge collection of books on engineering, management, science and humanities. It serves the students and faculty with latest information, reading materials, advanced technological resources such as web, e-journals, e-books. Journals, Book Titles, and Volumes are available as per AICTE norms. The library is well protected with fire alarms and CCTV Security systems.

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Creates awareness and opportunities among the students and faculty.

R&D Centre helps

  • To acquire new scientific knowledge.
  • To design novel methodologies in all the fields of Engineering and Technology.
  • To develop new tools and techniques to expedite problem solving with special emphasis on rural and socially relevant issues.
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, DST, AICTE, UGC, DBT and other agencies.
  • To coordinate faculty level workshops and department development activities on research-related issues.
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SVCE has a self service cafeteria for its students and staff. Besides providing breakfast, lunch, high tea, snacks and beverages, the canteen has a facility to arrange food for different events organised in the campus.

Cafeteria not only provides fresh and healthy food but also doubles up as a meeting and social interaction joint for students. It is their favourite hangout zone. One can find the students here after a day packed with back-to-back classes or attending seminars or events. The place is thronged by students, busy over discussion along with food.

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The lush green campus of SVCE offers amenities like no other. Hostel has a mess which functions for its residents during the working semester. Spacious dining rooms have been provided in the hostel. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food prepared under hygienic conditions is served in the students dining hall.

Halls of Residence:

  • Separate Girls and Boys Halls of Residence.
  • RO Water in all student residences.
  • Hot water (Solar Heating).
  • 24 hrs water / Electricity.
  • Standby Generator.


  • 24 hrs security for all the Resident blocks.
  • Women Security in girl’s residence.
  • Wardens on each block.
  • Floor Wardens on each floor.

Health Care & Hygiene:

  • 24x7 in house medical care unit and ambulance on Demand (24x7). We have tie up with Suraksha hospital.
  • Regular Quality & Health Checks for Kitchens.
  • House Keeping Staff (Student Residence).
  • Pest Control Services.

Other Campus Amenities:

  • Clean & Green Campus.
  • Wi-Fi Campus.
  • Banking Facility with ATM Counter inside the campus.
  • Tuck shop.
  • Online Fee payment.
  • Systematized outing for girls (Student Residents).
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Digital library is a part of the library to access internet /e-learning materials. Students can access various international journals like IEL, (IEEE/IEE Electronics Library) ASME, ASLCE, Applied Science and Technology Plus (ASTP), SCM, Springer, Verlagline, J-Gate etc.


Taking part in sports in College is a great way to keep fit, make friends and unwind after academic work. SVCE has outdoor and indoor sports facilities including Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley ball, Basket ball, Football and Cricket.

Students also participate in Inter-collegiate, Inter-university sports tournaments for which they practice in campus. Occasional Events like Yoga Day, National Sports Day are celebrated. Those who excel in sports activities are recognized with various awards, prizes, medals, and certificates.

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A campus poised on sheer scientific thrills requires a balancing dose of art so that aesthetics and beauty around us are not forgotten. The motto of the Arts & Crafts Club is to inspire and enable our students to actively learn and develop their talent and skills that will develop artistic expression.

Arts & Crafts Club shows its innovation, creativity and hard work through exhibitions and always tries its best to enhance the exhibition quality introducing new art forms and welcoming new members every semester. The club is instrumental in decorating the college campus during college festivals like Naandi, Harivillu, Josh, Freshers' Fest and Ample. For any art lover, it is a great opportunity and a firm platform to learn, improve and showcase art skills.

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ATM services by Karur Vysya Bank is available for staff and students at prime location in the college for easy financial transactions on all days.


We at LEE firmly believe that language, words and ideas have the power to transform the world. With active members fuelling the life source of our club, we accomplish many feats. We aim at proliferating language in all forms; written, oratory and unspoken.

The club through its activities helps students in the campus improve their public speaking skills. The club creates a great platform ideal and conducive to learn from each other and from their own mistakes. Its sessions are designed to have fun along with the ingrained learning process. Along with activities like JAM, Debates, Group Discussions etc. The club plans to arrange sessions on how to handle presentations and interviews. The co-ordinators facilitate the event and come up with necessary tips and feedback that helps the students overcome their fear of public speaking and improve further. They also take part in in-house competitions, interuniversity competitions such as Toastmasters debate contest.

The time spent with the Club would make quite the orator out of anyone and a happy one at that.

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NSS is where you meet people of different kinds, and work together for one single goal i.e “Service for Society”. The NSS offers a wonderful opportunity to use a part of spare time to empathize and help the poor and the under privileged fellow countrymen living in slums and villages. It provides the volunteers with an opportunity to train themselves as the future leaders and decision makers of the country. It provides training to equip the volunteers with the minimum necessary skills to carryout programmes

Our regular activities at a glance

  • Free medical camps at various and needy villages.
  • Dental camp, Health camp & Eye camp.
  • Personality development programs.
  • Counselling sessions and medical advice.
  • Conducting Traffic awareness events and taking part in peak hour traffic regulations.
  • Conducted rallies for different social awareness themes in association with other social organizations.
  • Tree plantation and helping the people to do so frequently.
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A college Radio station run by the students and for the students will help build an inclusive atmosphere in the college. Radio is all about communication and running a radio show takes commitment and teamwork in order for it to be a success. Our systems have one goal that is to help all of us grow together as a community and gain new skills while being informed of all the thing happening around us.

Younify is a campus radio network and podcast platform which connects students and faculty among a campus and to other campuses. Younify availed its services to SVCE for starting our campus radio from June, 2020. It was inaugurated on 29 June 2020 and there is a total of 80 students and 8 faculty members.

  • Radio jockey: Chooses among the creative topics and do their groundwork regarding concept, collect the proper information, create a draft and put up the matter into audios.
  • Creative team brainstorms for unique ideas and make a show attractive and catchy. They come up with their best ideas for shows, publicity and designing.
  • Scheduling team: They team schedules the shows i.e., which show is to be telecasted on which day and grab more listeners.
  • Drafting team provides the graphics team with the catchy content for the posters.
  • Technical team handles the server availed by the younify team.
  • Graphic designing team prepares the posters for the shows, eye catchy posters of shows and also videos for special shows.
  • E-publicity team handles the official social media handles.
  • Audio Editing team: receive the audio recordings from the RJ team and edit them accordingly. They play a major role in formatting the audios and making them disturbance and error free. These people are responsible for adding proper and melodious songs in between the show recordings and background music suitable to the shows
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