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Humanities and sciences are the roots of all learning and knowledge. With the aim of inculcating the values and ethics in the students, the Department of GEBHS was set up to offer the students a smooth transition into the engineering courses. The basics of various core topics are taught in the classes, to prepare the students for more advanced engineering classes in the further levels. The OHP enabled classrooms, along with the aesthetically designed labs, assist the faculty of the department in imparting the core values of humanities and sciences to the students.

The Science and Humanities department focus on the following objectives:

To be an academic unit devoted to the dissemination of knowledge, from an interdisciplinary perspective, to empower the students of Engineering and Management.

To contribute to the all-round development of the students by providing them extensive counselling & guidance in terms of education and career oriented problems.

To enhance the employability of the students by providing training in Communication Skills, Soft Skills and Personality Development.

To provide opportunities to prepare for GRE, TOEFL and IELTS by encouraging them to utilize the state-of-the-art English Communication Skills Laboratory.

The Department of Science & Humanities is endowed with state-of-the-art laboratories, seminar halls and smart classrooms towards fulfilling these objectives.

Department Labs

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering & IT Workshop

Computer Programming & Data Structures Lab

English Language communications skills Lab

1 Dr N. MANOHAR REDDY Professor 28/11/2011 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
2 B.MUNISUDHAKAR Associate Professor 20/9/2009 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
3 P GIRIJA Asst Professor 1/8/2019 M.Sc., REGULAR
4 Dr. G. MANJULA Asst Professor 1/8/2019 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
5 V.VIJAYAKANTH Asst Professor 18/7/2015 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
6 V.KUSUMA Asst Professor 8/6/2015 M.Sc. REGULAR
7 R. SARASWATHI Asst Professor 1/6/2019 M.Sc. REGULAR
8 Dr T. CHANDRAIAH Associate Professor 23/9/2009 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
9 M.INDU PRIYA Asst Professor 2/7/2013 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
10 A.MUNI KRISHNAIAH Asst Professor 14/6/2015 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
11 Dr R. CHENNA KRISHNA REDDY Asst Professor 2/12/2015 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
12 Dr.K.RAJU Asst Professor 9/8/2015 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
13 B.ROOPA Asst Professor 19/7/2015 M.Sc. REGULAR
14 K. SWAROOPA Asst Professor 1/8/2019 M.Sc., REGULAR
15 N.MALLIKARJUNA REDDY Associate Professor 5/10/2009 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
16 S.VARALAKSHMI BAI Asst Professor 8/12/2008 M.Sc., M.Phil REGULAR
17 L.NARENDRA MOHAN Associate Professor 1/6/2017 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
18 Dr.C.GANGI REDDY Asst Professor 18/8/2015 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
19 SK.MASTHAN Asst Professor 21/6/2015 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
20 P.RAJESH KUMAR Associate Professor 20/5/2010 M.Sc., (Ph.D) REGULAR
21 Dr. P.MANI NAGA KUMAR Associate Professor 24/5/2018 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
22 K.SWETHASRI Asst Professor 2/6/2018 M.Sc., M.Phil REGULAR
23 A.TRIVENI Asst Professor 1/6/2018 M.Sc. REGULAR
24 O.HAZARATHAIAH Asst Professor 2/9/2011 M.Sc. REGULAR
25 Dr. B.SUMALATHA Asst Professor 3/6/2019 M.Sc., Ph.D REGULAR
26 G.RAMRAJ Asst Professor 27/06/2017 M.Sc. REGULAR
27 Dr.K.LATHA REDDY Professor 22/7/2015 MA., Ph.D REGULAR
28 Dr.A.VENUGOPAL REDDY Associate Professor 6/6/2018 MA., Ph.D REGULAR
29 Dr.T.MURARI Professor 6/9/2014 MA., Ph.D REGULAR
30 M.KALYAN KUMAR Asst Professor 9/7/2015 MA., (Ph.D) REGULAR
31 N.VANAJA Asst Professor 1/9/2008 MA REGULAR
32 R.AJAYENDRA Asst Professor 16/8/2017 MA REGULAR
33 S.NAGAMANI Asst Professor 21/6/2017 MA REGULAR
34 Dr. K. KUMARA SWAMY REDDY Librarian 6/11/2015 Ph.D REGULAR
35 B.KISHORE NAIK Physical Director 1/12/2011 BPEd REGULAR
36 P KRISHNA MOORTHY Physical Director 11/11/2020 MPEd REGULAR

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Campus News

  • 03
    Concrete technology for structural applications has continued to advance throughout the years to meet the demands of designers and innovative structural systems. Since the mid 1980’s these advances

  • 20
    The main objective is to provide pavement design, materials and methods involved. Students can know about different materials and their properties, present trends used in live projects.

  • 04
    Now – a – days, many advanced technologies are emerging in construction field to give better output in designing of a structure. So that, Dr. Y. Amarnath, Professor, S R I T, Ananthapuramu

  • 21
    OMr. Veerendra Nijampure, Zonal Head, JK Cement given a guest lecture on “White Cement and it’s Applications” for second and third year students of Civil Engineering.

  • 17
    Mr. P. V. Subba Reddy acted as a Resource person and trained the third and final year students of Civil Engineering to know about the “Architecture and Interior Design”.

  • 26
    One Week Research Oriented STC conducted on “Data Science using R” Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, CSE, NITTTR, Chandigarh, Dr. Shikha Sharma, Sr. Project Manager, OlamSolutions PVT.

  • 12
    one week FDP on “ Machine Learning and Deep Learning “ held from 12th to 17th November 2018 was the training given by E&ICT Academy and NIT Warangal. Delivered sessions on Foundations

  • 04
    3 DAYS hands on workshop “Python Programming And Data Analytics’ held on 4th and 5th October 2018. Mr. Praveen Singh, Data Scientist, Bank of America, Mumbai and Mr. Rajesh Kumar verma

  • 28
    2-Days Hands-on workshop on “Internet of Things (IoT)” in Association with iB Hubs Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad held on 28th and 29th September 2018 for III Year and IV Year CSE Students.Y Manikanta,

  • 28
    2 days’ workshop on “cloud and block chain computing (cbcc)” organized on 28th September 2018 for III and IV year students. Mr. Madhuvadlamani acted as a resource person. He addressed the gathering by

  • 01
    MATLAB is a popular language for numerical computation. This workshop introduces students to MATLAB fundamentals and demonstrates for some real-time applications.

  • 16
    Project is an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. EXPO means "Exposition, large-scale public exhibition”. Many

  • 11
    The Internet of Things is simply a network of Internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data without depending on a human to human or human to computer