Journals of MCA

S.No Name Title of the paper Name of the Journal ISSN/DOI SCI/WoS/Scopus/ UGC
1 P.Lokesh Kumar Reddy Dehazing of image using Enhanced Deep Learning Frameworks IJFGCN ISSN 2233-7857 Google Scholor
2 Dr. P. Baby Maruthi Women Security through Footwear using Internet of things Solid State Technology 0038-111X SCOPUS
3 Dr. P. Baby Maruthi Flexible Learning Design and Implementation Based on Big Data International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology ISSN: 2455-3778 SCOPUS
4 P.Lokesh Kumar Reddy Analyzing Time complexity in Image fusion through deep learning mechanisms IJAST ISSN 5076-5082 Google Scholor
5 Dr. K.Himabindu Fuzzy Edge Image Matching Algorithm for Squid species identification Malaysian Journal of Computer Science 39(3),:95-103 SCOPUS
6 Dr. K.Himabindu Polycystic Ovarian Follicles Segmentation using GA Springer ISBN: 978-3-030-46939-2, SCOPUS
7 K. Hema Data Analysis on Biopsies of Breast Cancer Tumors Data Using Data Science Springer ISBN 978-3-030-46939-8 SCOPUS