Journals of EEE

S.No Name Title of the paper Name of the Journal ISSN/DOI SCI/WoS/Scopus/ UGC
1 Dr. V. Lakshmi Devi A Comparative and Novel Solution for unit Commitment Problem using Hybrid isedbat Search Approach technique for 10-unit System Journal of critical Reviews Vol. 7,Issue 09- 2020, pp. 2223-2229 ISSN:2394- 5125 SCOPUS
2 Dr. Kumar K Performance Evaluation of Photo Voltaic System with Quadratic Boost Converter Employing with MPPT Control Algorithms International Journal of Renewable Energy Research Vol.10, No.3, September, 2020 ISSN: 1309-0127 ESCI
3 R. Sireesha Optimal design of Reliable Multi Micro Grid based Distribution Systems Solid state Technology Vol:63 Issue:1s, pp.2172~2180 SCOPUS
4 P. Vinod Kumar An Advanced power control strategy and optimization of large scale grid connected photovoltaic systems in the smart grid DogoRangsang Research journal Vol:10 Issue- 08, No.2 August 2020, ISSN;2347- 7180 UGC
5 M. Nagaiah Comparative Analysis of Output Power of PV/Wind Hybrid Boost Converter System with PI, PI with Fuzzy, FLC and ANFIS based MPPT Techniques International Journal on Emerging Technologies ISSN No. (Print): 0975- 8364 ISSN No. (Online): 2249- 3255 SCOPUS