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About Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation

APSSDC Objective:

To Implement a structured and pragmatic solution to skill and up skill the workforce in the state of Andhra Pradesh and to increase employability, and promote entrepreneurship in sync with Industrial growth of the State.

APSSDC Outcome:

The whole idea is to create an opportunity space for the students by training them in different platforms, enabling the students to formulate problems, and solve them by coming up with software in the form of apps.

This kind of online sessions helpful to prepare the students for the corporate challenges and professional success by imparting training in many Technologies like MIT App Inventor for Building an Android Apps, Arduino with scratch, Python programming , IoT, and many more.

Deloitte University(DU)

  1. Deloitte University(DU) is offering StepUp program for upskilling the students of Andhra Pradesh to make them career-ready.
  2. It provides exposure to Engineering college students into corporate world and help them envision future opportunities. Let our Students discover the potential for a brighter career start!
  3. DU is ready to host the Step Up program for III CSE students on the date i.e. 1st February 2020. Step Up is part of Deloitte’s continued investment in understanding how to drive predictable behavior change. This study reinforces the idea that if you set things up correctly, behavioral nudging can be effective. You can’t just slap an activity band on someone and expect that activity levels will automatically increase.
  4. That device can be paired with informed incentives and nudges that motivate participants to change behavior without their having to make a conscious effort. While behavioral “nudging” is thousands of years old, it can still be paired with modern technology and data science to help us make the best choices.