SAAMRAT – The Emperor (Young Manager)
It consists of 4 rounds.
Round 1:Written Test (30 questions in 20 Minutes)
Round 2:Group discussion
Round 3:Meet the press
Round 4:Stress Interview
YAKSHA PRASHNA – Face the Battle (Business quiz)
It consists of 3 rounds.
Round 1:Written Test (30 questions in 20 Minutes)
Round 2:Company Logos, Taglines, Abbreviations
Round 3:Top 5 teams only
(Famous personalities, Brand Ambassadors, Videos and Audios)
VYAPAAR JIGNAAS – The Financier (Stock Game)
It consists of 2 rounds.
Round 1:Written Test (30 questions in 20 Minutes -Accounts, Financial Management, Stock Market, Mutual Fund and Insurance)
Round 2:Online Stock Trading (Top 10 teams)
Each team is allowed to do One hour online trading.
Winners and runners will be declared based on Profit/Loss generated by the participants.
SHODANA– Cherish the Wealth (Treasure Hunt)
  1. The clues and directions will lead participant through a series of locations on campus. At each location you will have to observe something, count something, or find something, each of which will help /guide you to the next point, and so.
  2. The treasure is hidden somewhere within the S.V Colleges campus.
  3. In order to follow the clues to the treasure, participant must do them in order. Trying to follow the clues out of order will result in confusion. It's been designed that way.
  4. Keep track of your answers! They will accumulate to give you clues to the next step.
  5. Points are assigned to each item on the treasure list when the team returns all the hunt items reviewed, point will be tallied to determine the winner.
  6. Points are assigned to each item based on the difficulty of the clue.
AAVISHKAAR–The Creative Mind (Innovative Product & Adzap)
It consists of 3 rounds.
Round 1:Written Test (30 questions in 20 Minutes)
Round 2:Presentation of your product for 5 minutes, Enactment related to your product for 3 minutes, queries by the judges for 2 minutes.
Round 3:A product will be given on the spot
  • Have to highlight 4 P's for it
  • Selling strategy to customer
PRAVACHANA – The Flow of Efficiency (Paper Presentation)
  1. Topic as per the participant interest (Related to Management)
  2. paper should not exceed 8 pages.
  3. 8 min per presentation and 2 min for queries,
  4. Manuscript should be in A4 size, Ms-Word, Times New Roman, and Font Size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
  5. All manuscripts should be electronically submitted through email : mpulse@svce.edu.in
  6. Student can also submit Full Paper on the day of the event
CHITRAM – The Trend Setter (Short Film)
  • It consist of only one round
  • Film should be message or theme oriented.
  • The length of the film should be 10 minutes.
  • Evaluation is based on message/theme and quality of the video
Spot Events
  • Spell Bee.
  • Cross Fire (Debate).
  • Art From Waste (Create something out of nothing).
  • Kahani (Story).
  • Photography.