SV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, TIRUPATI    Affiliated to JNTUA & Approved by AICTE, Recognized under sections 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC act 1956,
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade
Three B.Tech Programmes CSE, ECE & EEE are accredited by NBA, New Delhi



Material Science lab

Equipped with Metallurgical Microscopes, Jominy End Quench Test Apparatus, Polishing Machines, Belt Grinder and Furnace

Mechanics of Solids Lab

Equipped with Universal Testing Machine with a capacity of 40 Ton, Torsion Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Rockwell Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine.


Manufacturing Technology Lab

Equipped with Spot Welding Machine, Tig Welding Machine with Arc Welding Machine, Injection Molding Machine, Hydraulic Bending Press with Die, Hand operated blow molding with bottle die along with compressor, Universal strength Machine with attachments, sand rammer and Permeability Tester

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab

Equipped with Impact of Jet Apparatus, Pipe friction Apparatus, Venturi and Orifice- meter test Rig, Loss of head due to sudden contraction Appratus, Centrifugal pump – Single stage and Multi Stage, Reciprocating Pump, Pelton Wheel and Francis Turbine

Thermal Engines Lab

Equipped with Single cylinder four stroke Diesel engine test rig, Variable compression ratio test rig, Two stage air compressor test rig, Valve timing diagram cut model of diesel engine, two stroke Petrol engine single cylinder test rig, Port diagram Cut model of petrol engine and Multi stage petrol engine Test rig.

Machine tools lab

Equipped with Cone pulley Lathe, All geared Lathe Machines, Horizontal Milling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine , Slotter, Shapping Machine, Tool and cutter grinder, Bench Grinder and Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

Heat Transfer Lab

EEquipped with Thermal conductivity of metal rod, Composite wall Apparatus, Pin- Fin Apparatus, Natural convection, Forced Convection, Emissivity Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann constant Apparatus, Parallel flow and counter flow heat Exchanger, Drop wise and film wise condensation pparatus and Transient heat conduction Apparatus.

Metrology Lab

Equipped with Surface Roughness Tester, Tool Makers Microscope, Surface Granite Plates, Slip Guages, Vernier Height Gauges, Digital Vernier Callipers, Outside Micrometer and Vernier callipers

Instrumentation Lab

Equipped with Calibration of Pressure gauge, Calibration of transducer – Temperature measurement,Study of LVDT transducer – Displacement, Capacitive Transducer for Angular Displacement, Photo and Magnetic Speed Pick ups – Speed, Rotometer for flow measurement, Seismic pick up – Measurement of vibration and Mcleod