SV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, TIRUPATI    Affiliated to JNTUA & Approved by AICTE, Recognized under sections 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC act 1956,
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade
Three B.Tech Programmes CSE, ECE & EEE are accredited by NBA, New Delhi




Name of faculty member



Department with which associated
1 Dr. N.Manohar Reddy Ph.D Professor & HOD Physics
2 Dr.C.Nageswar Raju Ph.D Professor Physics
3 Dr.M.Bhushan Reddy Ph.D Professor Physics
4 Dr.V. Sahadeva Reddy Ph.D Professor Physics
5 Dr.Chenchu Muniswamy Reddy Ph.D Professor Physics
6 Dr.N. Ananda Kumar Reddy Ph.D Professor Chemistry
7 Dr.K. Nagamuni Reddy Ph.D Professor Chemistry
8 Dr.K.Suneetha Reddy Ph.D Professor English
9 Dr. V.Madhu Mohan Ph.D Assoc.Professor Physics
10 B. Muni Sudhakar M.Sc.(Ph.D.) Assoc.Professor Physics
11 Dr.A.Sudarshan Reddy Ph.D Assoc. Professor Chemistry
12 D.V.Sai Sireesha M.Sc (Ph.D) Assoc. Professor Chemistry
13 T. Chandraiah M.Sc.(Ph.D.) Assoc.Professor Chemistry
14 Dr.B.Rajendra Prasad Reddy Ph.D Assoc. Professor Chemistry
15 Dr. T. Murari M.A. Ph.D Assoc.Professor English
16 M. Vanisree MA,(Ph.D) Assoc. Professor English
17 K. Latha MA,M.Phil (Ph.D) Assoc.Professor English
18 N. Vanaja M.A, M.Phil. Assoc.Professor English
19 T.Yugandhar M.A,M.Phil(Ph.D) Assoc. Professor English
20 S.Sudhakar reddy MSc, (Ph.D) Assoc.Professor Mathematics
21 O.Hazarathaiah MSc Assoc.Professor Mathematics
22 C. Swehtha Rani M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assoc.Professor Mathematics
23 N. Mallikarjuna Reddy M.Sc.(Ph.D) Assoc.Professor Mathematics
24 S. Varalakshmi Bai M.Sc, M.Phil Assoc.Professor Mathematics
25 P. Rajesh Kumar M.Sc (Ph.D) Assoc. Professor Mathematics
26 Y.Masthanaiah M.Sc.,(M.Phil) Assoc. Professor Mathematics
27 A.Rushikeshava M.Sc(Ph.D) Assoc. Professor Mathematics
28 Dr.P. Sreenivasul Reddy M.Sc.Ph.D Asst.Professor Physics
29 B.Dinakar M.Sc. Asst. Professor Physics
30 SK.Prasunabee M.Sc. Asst. Professor Physics
31 A.Vimala M.Sc. Asst. Professor Physics
32 V.Kusuma M.Sc. Asst. Professor Physics
33 V.Vijaykanth M.Sc. Asst. Professor Physics
34 Dr.R.Chenna Krishna Reddy Ph.D Asst. Professor Chemistry
35 Dr.K.Raju Ph.D Asst. Professor Environmental science
36 Dr.K.Sujan Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D Asst. Professor Environmental science
37 P. Ravi Kumar MSc Asst. Professor Chemistry
38 A.Anusha M.Sc. Asst. Professor Chemistry
39 M.Indhu Priya M.Sc. Asst. Professor Chemistry
40 T.Ankaiah M.Sc. Asst. Professor Chemistry
41 M.S.Ushakala M.Sc. Asst. Professor Environmental science
42 B.Roopa M.Sc. Asst. Professor Chemistry
43 A.Munikrishnaiah M.Sc. Asst. Professor Chemistry
44 M.Kalyan Kumar MA(Ph.D) Asst. Professor English
45 B. Naga Raju M.A. Asst.Professor English
46 K.Venkatesh MA Asst. Professor English
47 K.Nagarjuna M.A (Ph.D) Asst. Professor English
48 V.Chandini Bhanu M.A Asst. Professor English
49 Dr. M. Venkateswaran M.Sc.,Ph.D Asst.Professor Mathematics
50 C. Gangi Reddy MSc.,(Ph.d) Asst. Professor Mathematics
51 G.Mohan Babu MSc Asst.Professor Mathematics
52 S Balakrishna M.Sc.(Ph.D) Asst.Professor Mathematics
53 P. Rama Thulasi M.Sc. Asst.Professor Mathematics
54 T.Ramanjeneyulu M.Sc, Asst. Professor Mathematics
55 M.Krishna Murthy M.Sc.,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor Mathematics
56 K.Bhagya Lakshmi M.Sc M.Phil (Ph.D) Asst. Professor Mathematics
57 M.Sukumar M.Sc. Asst. Professor Mathematics
58 SK.Mastamn M.Sc. Asst. Professor Mathematics
59 Dr.K.Kumaraswamy Reddy M.L.I.Sc Ph.D Librarian
60 C.Srinivasa Raju

M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil (Ph.D)


P Chennaiah


Physical Director


B Kishore Naik

M.Sc, B.P.Ed