SV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, TIRUPATI    Affiliated to JNTUA & Approved by AICTE, Recognized under sections 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC act 1956,
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade
Three B.Tech Programmes CSE, ECE & EEE are accredited by NBA, New Delhi

Applied Mechanics Lab:

Major Tests conducted in laboratory

  • Law of parallelogram of forces

  • Law of polygon of forces

  • Triangle law of forces

  • Verification of law of moments by

  1. Simply supported beam type

  2. Overhanging beam type

  3. Bell

  • Law of Motion (Fletcher's Trolley)

  • Verification of mathematical expression for centrifugal force By Centrifugal force Apparatus

Surveying Lab:

Major tests conducted in laboratory

  • Demonstration of Total Station applications for contouring, line out, profile leveling etc.

  • Permanent adjustment of surveying instruments such as Dumpy Level, Auto Level, Theodolite etc.

  • Use of Plane Table and other minor instruments.

Engineering Geology Lab:

Major tests conducted in laboratory

  • Study of basic properties of various minerals using available specimens in laboratory.

  • Study of Geological features such as Deep, Strike, Fault etc.

  • Study of Geological Maps.

Concrete Technology Lab:

Major tests conducted in laboratory

  • Concrete mix design of various grades.

  • Physical properties of concrete ingredients.

  • Workability tests related to concrete such as Compaction factor test and Slump test

  • Nondestructive testing of RCC structures by Rebound Hammer.